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400 Gold Avenue, SW  Suite 910, Albuquerque, NM 87102

We are located downtown in the Simms Tower, located at the intersection of Gold Avenue and 4th Street.  Visitor parking is available on the street or in our parking structure.  The entrance to the Simms Tower parking structure is 100 yards south of Gold on 5th Street.

Client Parking Options

Simms Building Parking
Visitor parking is available inside the Simms Building parking structure. The entrance to the structure is 100 yards south of Gold Avenue on 5th Street. The entrance to the private parking structure is by key pad.

Please call our office to get the current entrance code for the parking structure.  505-433-5545.

Enter the number on the key pad and park in one of the six designated visitor parking spots marked in red on the second level of the parking structure. Take the pedestrian walkway bridge on the second floor to the elevators.

Pay Parking Options

Street parking is available at the city parking rates on Gold Avenue, 4th Street, and Lead Avenue. Meter parking is $1 per hour. Full day public parking is available on Gold Avenue and 2nd Street for $4 for the full day. Any paid parking will be reimbursed.
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